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Luxurious Cotton Bed Linen Set with an eye-catching CAPPUCCINO design.

Morning coffee in bed? Coffee can be prepared in a variety of ways - one can enjoy any type, at any time - but how about CAPPUCCINO in bed with CAPPUCCINO Bed Linen Duvet!

Superb Quality Pure Cotton Bed Linen Duvet Set is available in three sizes: Queen, King and Double (King Single).

Queen size duvet – available in vertical print only.

King & Double size duvets - available in horizontal print only.

All CAPPUCCINO sets include one duvet cover and two standard (48cm x 73cm) matching pillowcases.

Special features of the product? pure cotton for health; flanged borders for luxurious look; zip for convenience. 


SKU: 369D TAGS: Floral, Tan

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