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ProKoa Bed Linen NZ

Quality European Cotton Duvet Sets 

Product of Poland

Quality European Cotton Bed Linen

Welcome to ‘Made in Poland’ superb in design, high quality European Cotton Bed Linen!

We have successfully sourced the best quality cotton fabric, manufactured locally in Poland with care, years of experience and the desire to satisfy our clients - you and your family.
ProKoa cotton bed linen attributes have been enhanced to our specific request with the superb and very distinct designs – to match your mood, your personality or simply - your bedroom décor. All with crystal focus to provide healthy comfort together with long lasting durability and unique look.

Interesting fact:
In XIX century Poland was a Linen Empire, with many industrial hubs of weaving, mills and spinning factories dedicated entirely to make linen cloths and becoming the most potent linen manufacturing place in Europe.

This legacy continues today, with a superb artistry, skillful techniques and most of all – sensitive care…

ProKoa NZ Designs

We offer three different themes  to choose from - to match your personality, mood or simply your bedroom décor...

Floral -  to release fragrant imagination

Vivid -  for bright personalities

Geometric - for harmony, proportion & order


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