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ProKoa - Who are we?

PRO-KOA came into our minds in 2020 when world travel became difficult and we could not reach our families, friends and loved ones in our homeland, Poland. Being PRO-active in many fields, with often brave, fearless and courageous approach – our KOA was born.

KOA – as it exactly means in Polynesian – Brave, Fearless and Courageous.And in New Zealand, KOA means Joy and Happiness.

Us at ProKoa is therefore a combination of Strength and Joy, Courage and Hope.

We have flavoured it with a unique and very distinct Polish design, combined with precise and creative Polish craftsmanship.

Our Product - Something Different!

About Us at ProKoa - Our Bed Linen is a high quality Product of Poland. We have extensively explored and subsequently chosen the best quality cotton, manufactured with care, years of experience and the desire to satisfy you and your family. This quality has been enhanced with over 60 distinct designs - floral, vivid or geometric - to match your personality, mood or bedroom décor. Each duvet cover and pillow case has got flanged borders to add decorative accent & is subtly zipped for convenience. Our bed linen is therefore combination of outstanding European quality, distinct Polish design & craftsmanship talent - to provide healthy comfort together with long-lasting durability and unique look.

Us at ProKoa: 100% Cotton

Our bed linen has been made using 100% cotton fabric with no synthetic fibers added.

Quality Products

ProKoa Bed Linen is made using the finest Polish 100% cotton with no synthetic fibers added.
The closest to royal feel you can get!

Courier Delivery

For convenience and time factor our quality European bed linen is delivered via courier.
Fast and easy.

Doorstep Delivery

We deliver throughout New Zealand. If you wish to order from overseas please contact us via email or FB to confirm shipping costs.


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